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Since we are currently in private beta, you'll have to sign up for an invitaion. Once we'll launch you will get your registration key.

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For Teams
Get together within a workspace, share applications, archive a common goal.

For Businesses
Run your business on SPOO Cloud. Your people, your processes, your applications, all in one place.

For Developers
Digitalize real use cases. Use our innovative object-driven aproach to build for you and others.

All in one place

SPOO Workspace is your own portal that holds your installed applications, team members, permissions and more.

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Teams and businesses

Run your business on SPOO Cloud. Use business apps and suites, share data between apps and teams, work together in a more comportable way.

Develop for you and all the others.

Create applications using our awesome object model. Digitalize real-life use cases by transforming real entities into dynamic, behaviour-driven objects.

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Developing is free!

Create your own applications on SPOO Cloud using the API or JS SDK for free.
To get started, create a Workspace

Using Applications is individual

While in beta, application billing is done via the developers directly.
However, we are working on bringing universal billing directly into the platform. Stay tuned.